⚫ Supporting residents in achieving independence through daily activities and rehabilitation.

⚫ Providing nursing service that respects the human rights of patients and puts their safety first;

⚫ Creating a living space that allows patients to lead a meaningful and homely daily life.

Targets: Those who are over 64 years old and certified as nursing care level 1 or more, and those who are between 40 and 64 years old and certified as nursing care level 1 or more with a specific condition or ailment can use our services. We have various services such as in-house care service and day-care service, which are offered by our care professionals in a clean and comfortable facility aided by the latest technology.

Floor Map

Our Facilty

Long-term Stay

150 beds (Dementia floor: 54 beds)


Maximum of 70 people

Short Stay

Maximum of 7 people

Private rooms

22 rooms (22 people)

Rooms for 4 people

32 rooms (128 people)


doctor, nurses, certified care worker, physical therapist, occupational therapist,
   speech/language/hearing therapist, social workers, care managers etc

Facilities & equipment

dining room, conversation room, day-care room, training room,
      consulting room, recreation room, bathroom, specialised bath room,
beauty parlour, service station etc.


4-story reinforced concrete building